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Geist is a first-person 3D Stealth Action game with a focus on movement and freerunning. You play as a "geist", a bounty hunter that utilizes magic powers granted to them by a bacteria, known as ecto, that makes its home inside their bone marrow. The closer a geist is to death, the more magic they are able to unleash. 

In an underground mine, an unknown criminal organization illegally harvests ecto, but their eyes can't even see the purest forms of the bacteria.  As a geist, you could search these caves and find what the criminals could not, and use its power against them.

Geist is currently a vertical slice of what we hope could be a much bigger game.  The games is inspired by games like Dishonored, Titanfall, and Mirrors Edge.

This build of the game was developed by Kevin Ray & Rilee Horowitz with additional help by the following:

Modeling: Sammy Chuang & Winlyn Liu

Concept Art: Dayoon Lee

Level Design: Carsen Decker

Sound: Colin Hernando

Trailer: Nethra Fernando


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GeistWindowsBuild.zip 115 MB


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pretty rough tutorial.... needs more checkpoints, and some of the mechanics were hard to trigger. Main level the design feels like we are dropped in to a level 5 hours into a full game. Way too hard/demanding. Lot of charm to the shoot vs throw mechanics though!